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FLO^D Custom Sandblasted High Quality Quartz Banger 14mm


Sandblasted quartz banger in just $15. We're excited to introduce this ultimate product as sandblasted quartz bangers, this high-quality quartz  Banger is truly high end. It is a must-have for every smoker.  It features a never-before-seen double-walled cup design that works perfectly in an old banger style setup.  Also, look at how huge the cup is. Having enough cup space to please the largest of slabbers. Made of 100% quartz these high-quality quartz bangers offer proper heat retention and airflow. This quartz material is better than traditional glass because quartz bangers have a higher burning temperature making them a higher choice over other glass and titanium dabbing nails. It’s a must-have accessory for those who enjoy experimenting with temperatures and enhancing their products’ flavours by preserving terpenes.

FLO^D Dab Spoon with Custom Badge

We are offering a very popular Dab spoon. This handy purposeful tool is perfect for both expert dabbers and beginners. Perfectly designed and made of durable material plus it is long-lasting in use. This tool can be used to transfer concentrates to either a nail or quartz banger. This is a vital part of any dabbing setup as they place a barrier between yourself and the heat of the nail or quartz banger. Don’t wait, hurry up for this amazing Flod dab spoon now to enjoy the real experience. This is perfect for all your dabbing needs,

FLO^D Silicone THC Concentrate Holder

Concentrate Holder (White)(2ml)

Our perfectly designed Silicone Concentrate holders are made from durable. The best thing is that it is easy to use and easy to clean. Cleaning these containers is very simple just use a slightly cleaner and warm to hot water then rinse under warm clean water. This concentrate holder is a must-have for every smoker. You can gift this product to anyone. It is made from safe and durable material