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FLO^D Custom Sandblasted High Quality Quartz Banger 14mm


Sandblasted quartz banger in just $15. We're excited to introduce this ultimate product as sandblasted quartz bangers, this high-quality quartz  Banger is truly high end. It is a must-have for every smoker.  It features a never-before-seen double-walled cup design that works perfectly in an old banger style setup.  Also, look at how huge the cup is. Having enough cup space to please the largest of slabbers. Made of 100% quartz these high-quality quartz bangers offer proper heat retention and airflow. This quartz material is better than traditional glass because quartz bangers have a higher burning temperature making them a higher choice over other glass and titanium dabbing nails. It’s a must-have accessory for those who enjoy experimenting with temperatures and enhancing their products’ flavours by preserving terpenes.

FLO^D Custom Shirt w/Logo On Front And Back

T-shirts are always in a trend that’s why FLO^D is offering the best round neck T-shirts for sale. Don’t wait and grab our limited edition FLO^D logo T-shirt which is trendy and stylish to give you a perfect look.
  • Soft
  • Opaque
  • Absorbent and breathable
  • Well-structured and nice drape
  • Trendy and stylish
  • Affordable
  • High-Quality Fabric
  • Breathable material
  • Available in different sizes

FLO^D D.A.F. Hoodie (Grey)


Rock this one of a kind hemp/cotton hoodie!!! This is a very high quality  hemp/cotton derived hoodie that flexes on all the other dad hoodies out there!!! Sorry dad, but this FLO^D custom hoodie is way more stylish than your typical hoodie. And its not priced to gouge your pockets. Currently these awesome hoodies are only offered in gray. This is a hot selling item so don't miss out!!!

  • There's also an attached hood to keep you dry in wet weather. Due to its similar construction and the likelihood of becoming wet quickly if it rains heavily, this method should be used with caution. There is a drawstring on the hood so that you may adjust the fit to your liking.
  • To avoid allergic reactions. Wear hypoallergenic clothing if you have sensitive skin to prevent itchy and infected skin. Get the best hoodie grey for sale in Florida here!
  • Keep Yourself Warm and Comfy Textiles made from innovative materials, such as bamboo, are excellent at regulating body temperature.
  • Any situation that falls in between casual and formal might benefit from a hoodie as an accessory. With family or friends or with business partners who are also close to you, it's the case that you're preparing a get-together. No need for a collared shirt beneath if you're wearing a hoodie somewhere formal. Hoodies work well with T-shirts that don't have collars. Purchase hoodie grey fort Myers and style it your way.

FLO^D Dab Spoon with Custom Badge

We are offering a very popular Dab spoon. This handy purposeful tool is perfect for both expert dabbers and beginners. Perfectly designed and made of durable material plus it is long-lasting in use. This tool can be used to transfer concentrates to either a nail or quartz banger. This is a vital part of any dabbing setup as they place a barrier between yourself and the heat of the nail or quartz banger. Don’t wait, hurry up for this amazing Flod dab spoon now to enjoy the real experience. This is perfect for all your dabbing needs,

FLO^D Double Walled Tumbler


For customized tumblers near you contact us as we are providing the best weed tumblers for you. This Double Wall Tumbler is all you need to enjoy hot or icy cold drinks. It's easy to handle and is vacuum insulated to keep your drinks at just the right temperature for a longer period. It is perfectly designed to let you enjoy a refreshingly cold drink. For extra travel ease, this tumbler is even built with size in mind and is crafted to fit most car cup holders, so you can have your drink conveniently with this weed tumbler.

FLO^D Handmade HEMP (Redbone/Natural) Bracelet


Mens hemp bracelet with (Natural and Maroon). Handmade men’s bracelet is very much popular. If you are looking for online hemp bracelets near you then don’t go anywhere, we are providing the best handmade bracelets with style. It is made of eco-friendly black hemp double thickness to make that perfectly thick bracelet for the beloved men in your life.  Hemp is an Eco friendly, sustainable fibre that is recyclable that’s why it is the fastest-growing biomass and a perfect alternative to metal and silver bracelets. It is very stylish for everyday wear. You can choose it according to your size. Don’t wait and hurry up to pick your favourite bracelet according to your choice. You are providing the best for you.

FLO^D Handmade Hemp Bracelet (Black/Natural)(Unisex)

Stylish, handmade hemp bracelet  (Unisex)

FLO^D Handmade HEMP Bracelet (Natural)


We are offering online handmade natural hemp bracelets to you. It's stylish and at the same time easy to wear. A simple handmade hemp bracelet is great for men or women. It's made with simple techniques of using gold, natural, and brown hemp string. This bracelet is all-natural and handmade. It has a bead and loop hook to make it very easy for you to put it adjustable as needed. You can gift it to anyone as it’s a perfect antique and stylish gift to anyone. Hemp is an Eco friendly, sustainable fibre that is recyclable that’s why it is the fastest-growing biomass and a perfect alternative to metal and silver bracelets. It is very stylish for everyday wear.