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FLO^D Ladies Tank Tops (Grey)

We are offering the best ladies tank tops grey made of premium quality cotton with a perfect stretch.
  • Slimming cut & trendy look, different size and in grey color only
  • High-quality, Comfortable and soft naturally breathable fabric
  • Suitable for machine wash and air dry
  • Slim Fit Body and Thin straps

FLO^D Neck Gaiter (Black/Gold)

  As the name says, Neck Gaiter Black and Gold are designed to protect the neck space between your shoulders from wind and cold, but they may be used for much more.


When the weather is hot, neck gaiters also protect the sun from your skin. Numerous variants are available with SPF protection that is often compared to 50. They are not absorbed into the skin as sunscreen is. Many motorcycle taxi drivers wear one around their necks to keep the sun off.

Additionally, it might be used as an extra sleeping mask.

When falling asleep while travelling is not simple, a good sleeping mask may help. I've learned to use a neck gaiter specifically for this purpose. It's soft and perfectly fits my head, so it won't slip off while I move. Additionally, the design keeps my earphones in place, allowing me to listen to music or filter out ambient noise.

It can be used for pretty much anything.

Neck gaiters are incredibly elastic, which gives them a great deal of flexibility. Several things that are out of the box that you can achieve with them include the following:

As an arm sling

Depending on the gaiters you possess, You may design a sling for youngsters or adults. Combine two gaiters and tie one around the person's neck. The other is employed to assist in the recovery of the wounded arm. To provide essential support, open the elbow region with the fabric.

FLO^D Neck Gaiter (White)


A neck gaiter white is a cloth tube worn around the neck to protect the face and neck from the sun and cold conditions. When warm and sunny weather, our Neck Gaiter White top protects you from sunburn without sunscreen. In the winter, they cover the user's face and neck from wind and cold burns. Neck gaiters are an excellent piece of apparel to protect you from the elements.

How should a neck gaiter be worn?

The most effective way to wear a neck gaiter is to position it on your head and then draw the cloth over your ears and nose. This shields your neck and face from sunburn throughout the summer. Additionally, it keeps your skin warm throughout the cold.

Neck gaiter face mask

Due to the coronavirus, the usage of the neck gaiter in face coverings has increased in recent years. Generally, these neck gators are worn behind the user's ears and then pushed up over the face. The gators cover their entire face and lips for the day without placing loops over their ears. It's an excellent, more comfortable option than wearing a mask in public. Get Neck gaiter white in Florida here!

Fishing neck gaiters

A neck gaiter for fishing is one of the most effective sunscreen solutions. Neck gaiters shield your neck and face from the sun. It's a handy, clothing-based sunscreen that does not need reapplication every two hours.

FLO^D Rolling Tray (5″x7″)

Flo^D printed rolling tray
  • Are you looking for a smoking rolling tray near you? Then must visit our website for the best, durable, cool and high-quality rolling tray.
  • Our special detailed attention to give an extremely useful accessory to our customer is the best part what makes us different from our competitors.
  • This is made of high quality and durable and non-flexible material. The tray is smooth to the touch and can be easily wiped down with a cloth.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor usage
  • This small tray can easily be used to store and roll your smoke herbs.
  • This black rolling tray in FL is limited edition so catch yours before they sell out!

FLO^D Silicone Bracelet


DAF custom "FLO^D" unisex silicone bracelets. Represent Florida and its cannabis culture with these Dank As F|%$# bracelets. They come in multiple colors so they can be worn with any outfit.

FLO^D Silicone THC Concentrate Holder

Concentrate Holder (White)(2ml)

Our perfectly designed Silicone Concentrate holders are made from durable. The best thing is that it is easy to use and easy to clean. Cleaning these containers is very simple just use a slightly cleaner and warm to hot water then rinse under warm clean water. This concentrate holder is a must-have for every smoker. You can gift this product to anyone. It is made from safe and durable material

FLO^D Stickers (White/Gold)


A personalized white and gold printed sticker ensures that you will get precisely what you need and at a reasonable price due to the unique design and modern technology. Additionally, you can customize the size, shape, texture, and colour. After all, is said and done, the label can be applied to almost any item. Made for both indoor/outdoor use.

As you can see, utilizing stickers has a plethora of advantages. There are several advantages to using our Flo-d Sticker for sale, for example:

  • As previously indicated, quality stickers are reasonably priced. Today, personalized stickers may be used for an extended period and are both economical and appealing.
  • Due to our lightning-fast shipping, the whole process of creating a picture, having it printed, and having it sent to your door is as straightforward as possible. You may choose from one of our existing designs or build your own.
  • Its smooth surface enables it to be used on a variety of surfaces. Both the back and front of the stickers may be customized to your specifications.
  • Additionally, personalized label stickers are inexpensive. You may print your company's logo on a variety of various materials for a comparatively inexpensive cost.
  • It will eventually pay for itself. The advantages of offering low-cost customized flo-d stickers for sale cannot be overstated.

Florida Dank Coffee Mug

White coffee mug with logo on two sides.